About Growfox

Like a lot of great ideas, mine was born out of circumstance. I (Jonny) decided to go my own way and start a business based around a simple idea...

If you succeed, we succeed.

Having to learn how to run a business with no capital and only skills to hand has given me great insight into the struggles businesses face. It has allowed me to truly understand my customers’ needs, hurdles and expectations.

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I know the battle first-hand and I’ve learned how to overcome some of those hurdles through the use of clever marketing, design and technology.

Growfox is now a company built on passion, helpfulness, and the thirst to learn new things every single day.

The services I offer derive from using technology to my advantage. Using real data to make informed marketing decisions, clever design to deliver clear messages, and cutting-edge development to ease customer experiences.

My customers like to utilise my knowledge and skill-sets to reach out to their customers. They trust my experience, and I trust theirs. I don’t work for, I work with.

Awards & Accolades

Multi-Award Winning

My Mission

To help businesses succeed and grow through beautiful design and lead generation. To inspire businesses to take everyday actions that help their customers. Because without customers, there is no business.

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