Webflow vs WordPress

Looking for an alternative to WordPress? Meet Webflow.
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Say goodbye to website security concerns ✅

WordPress sites getting hacked is unfortunately a pretty common occurrence. Thankfully, not so with Webflow. The network is constantly monitored to ensure it’s safe and hacker-free. You and your visitors can feel safe sharing peronal information as Webflow profvide a free SSL on all hosted websites.

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Keep your SEO skills on form, without plugins ✅

Webflow gives quick and easy access to all the on-page SEO settings you need. On top of that, mobile-friendly design and clean code means you're on the best foot you can be. Meta titles and descriptions can be automatically defined and created when using the CMS, lightening your workload.

Easy peasy

Give yourself and colleagues a more user-friendly way to edit content ✅

The WordPress dashboard is jammed full of items and links most clients don’t need. The Webflow CMS dashboard truly is simplicity done well.  One of the most popular features we've seen is clients being able to write and edit content right there and then on screen! A very friendly CMS for the non-techy crowd.

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Design freedom

Start with a blank canvas or one of over 100 templates and customize everything visually.

Unless you're a coder, you'll need a visual design plugin, or be restricted by available templates.

Code quality

Webflow outputs code that's as clean and semantic as you can make it.

WordPress code is notoriously bloated due to its reliance on plugins.


Fully customizable SEO settings that are easy to setup. Webflow sites are built for the modern internet and search engines gives you extra points for mobile friendly design and performance.

Easily customizable—as long as you're using a plugin. And if you know how to configure it.

Site security

Free SSL on all sites, backed by constant threat monitoring.

Also offers free SSL, but WP sites are known for their security vulnerabilities when not properly maintained.

User-friendliness of CMS

Simple on-page editing, minimal dashboard UI.

The WordPress dashboard provides lots of options that are irrelevant to most clients, and lacks on-page editing.


Regularly cited as one of the best features of Webflow. See their Facebook reviews.

Mostly community-driven, so it can take time to get help.


Client billing built right in, easy collaboration between design and content.

Great built-in editorial collaboration, but no native billing support.

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