Web Design Process

Five steps to achieving a great website, and delivering results online.
Step One

1. Choosing what's right for you

Whether you’re a start-up looking for all the basics to begin a new business, or you’re well into your journey and are looking for advanced features to help scale up your company, we’ve got you covered.

No one knows your business better than you, and this is where our process starts. You understand how your customers and clients think. We use that knowledge to create a website that converts visitors into actionable leads.

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Step Two

2. Working with you to define a website plan

With a solid grounding gained through research we can start planning your site. We'll consider the structure of your site by establishing hierarchy in your content and messaging all the while keeping in mind an optimal user experience and the business goals at hand. Some tools we use in this phase include sketching, wire-framing and creating user journeys.​

Step Three

3. Creating something beautiful

Now we've got a blueprint in place for delivering a great product we can start to think about visual design and styling. We'll continue to research relevant trends and take on board your brand to create the ideal visual language. By doing this we're making sure your site not only works well but looks great too. Once we have put some designs together, we'll send them over to you for your feedback.​

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Step Four

4. Bringing it to life

Next, we’ll start turning those designs into reality by building the site. Exactly how we do this and what content management system we’ll use depends on the site and its functionality. But, we will always produce something robust, optimised and built to last.

We develop your site on a private staging ground, which allows you to see what the site looks like before it is available to anyone else. You get to see first-hand how it will work and what it will look like across multiple devices, making sure everything is the way it should be before your site goes live for the world to see.

Step Five

5. Launch time!

Let's show the world! This is where your new website is made available to your customers. We monitor progress throughout the launch process to ensure everything goes smoothly. After the launch, we run a comprehensive quality assurance check to ensure the site is visible to search engines, run diagnostics to ensure proper functionality, and make any final adjustments.

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