Speed up your workflow with Adobe CC Libraries

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Kane Garland

We take a quick look at the Adobe Creative Cloud library feature, and how to use it to speed up your workflow!

A great way to save time while designing is by using Adobe’s built-in feature Creative Cloud Libraries. Adobe’s answer to asset managing is in every Adobe program that falls under the CC releases.

This feature allows users to drag in assets such as logos, graphics and images into the panel or by clicking on the plus symbol bottom left of the CC Libraries panel. It doesn’t stop there, you can add in colour swatches, text style, paragraph styles and even bodies of text.

It’s a great way to speed up your productivity by cutting out the time spent searching for those assets on your computer. You simply create a new library, name it, and your good to go!

The libraries are linked to your Adobe ID, so if you log into a new computer with your Adobe ID, it will bring those Assets across so you can start using the linked files on that computer.

Creative Cloud Libraries also allow users to Collaborate on a Library with other Adobe Users so as a team you can all add and use libraries together. When that yearly client comes around for some design work, you can be assured that your assets are in one easy place for you and your team to use.

Want to edit the asset? Just right-click on the asset in the file or double-click, and it will open that file up in Illustrator. There you can edit, save over or drag that edited asset into the Libraries panel. As long as you don’t save the file, it will keep the opened asset unchanged in your CC Library.

Want to use this awesome feature? Well, It’s usually located to the right of your workspace with the Adobe CC logo. If you can’t find the panel there navigate to the top bar and select Window>CC Libraries or Libraries.

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Last updated on Apr 25, 2019.