The Great Benefits of Back Scratching

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Peter Bird

Recently a long term client and friend of ours, Kristina Lushey MD (no, she’s not a doctor and I’m guessing there should be a comma after her name?… “Kristina, Managing Director”) of Nova Search and Selection helped us out immensely.

We created a website for Novasearch a couple of years ago and Kristina and I have, on occasion, touched base and chatted over possible updates and additions that were always “next week we really must…”, but as most people know, life has a habit of bypassing us whilst we are super busy. However, a couple of years later after spending ages looking for a new marketing executive, it suddenly dawned on me that, THIS IS WHAT NOVASEARCH DO! and they’re very good at it. Quick phone call, quick meeting (Kris actually handled this one personally and I threw in some Tea….figuratively speaking). In under a week she had found us a couple of great candidates, something we hadn’t managed to achieve in 6 (or maybe it was ten, I forget). Not only this, but because we had helped her out and gone over and above with her last website, she actually gave us a discount. Happy back scratching!

The story doesn’t even finish there…

Oh, I see, for those of you who don’t like reading my essays…it has!… FINE, see if I care.

But for those of you with time on your hands… Not only did she get us a great new team member and at a discount, she then decided that she needed a new website to compliment her rapidly expanding business… Guess who got the job?

I’ve just spent the day writing her a helpful guide full of hints and tips, all for free because ya know what? You never can tell when something good is going to roll back around and come to you.

Free lunch is a good thing, forward it on people (as long as you do it for the right reasons).

Thanks for putting up with the ramblings.

Pete Bird MD (not doctor)

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